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Proposal Support

PW Communications provides full-service proposal support to federal and commercial clients of all sizes utilizing a global network of experienced, vetted proposal consultants.


We assess the needs of each client to customize a staffing solution based on internal resources, the size and scope of the RFP, budget constraints, and turnaround time. Our breadth of services satisfies all phases of the proposal effort, from pre-RFP through final production.


Global Network of Consultants


Agile Staffing Approach


Sector & Size Agnostic


Comprehensive Scope of Proposal Support Services

Global Network of Consultants

Sector & Size Agnostic

Agile Staffing Approach

Comprehensive Scope of Services



Recruitment & Vetting

PW Communications attracts and retains the most talented consulting professionals in the industry.


Prospective consultants undergo a thorough vetting process, including reference checks and background investigations, as required. All consultants must have a minimum of 3–5 years of proposal experience to ensure no "on-the-job" training at the time and expense of clients.

The Staffing Process

Our clients always come first. This mission informs every aspect of our business, including our staffing process. We never over-staff, and only present candidates with the requisite skills and experience.  

We tailor our staffing solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Some clients outsource all proposal needs to PW Communications, reducing internal staffing and overhead expenses, while others turn to us to augment their existing staff, particularly in surge situations. 


Supervise and lead the proposal process, including RFP analysis, strategy, scheduling, solutioning, and compliance from inception through completion. 

Proposal Writers
& Editors 

Ensure the proposal content is well written, grammatically correct, persuasive, and compliant; and make certain the "mail is answered."

Oversee specific sections such as management, technical, and cost to ensure the content is effective, consistent, and compliant with the RFP. 


Maintain the personnel section of the RFP from template development through the final written resumes, ensuring proposed personnel meet or exceed the RFP requirements.

Prepare and format compliant templates in accordance with the RFP requirements, integrate art and text, manage version control of all files, and oversee final production.

Desktop Publishing & Production Specialists
Conceptual & Graphic Artists

Design and illustrate all proposal-related art, including complex renderings, sophisticated covers, and organizational tables and charts. 


Develop cost models and evaluate price reasonableness.


Collaborate with authors to develop and script compliant and persuasive content and presentation materials, coaching presenters on  delivery skills and timing. 

Capture & Pre-RFP

Determine a capture plan, assist with bid/no-bid analysis, and conduct Black Hat sessions.

Subject-Matter Experts

Offer specific knowledge on a particular topic, industry, or agency. Participate in Color Reviews and provide unique insights into the customer's needs.

"PW Communications is a well-oiled machine. Turnaround time on a request is instantaneous and resources provided are of the highest quality and integrity."

R.S., Northrop Grumman

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