Responding to the personnel requirements of an RFP has become as important as establishing the win themes and the technical and management approaches. The staffing strategy involves the preparation of resumes that not only comply with RFP requirements but also demonstrate that you have the people who are technically proficient in the processes, tools, approaches, and functions that you are proposing. It is a complex and time-consuming process. 

We recognize the importance of resume writing as an integral function in your proposal organization.  As such, in January 2015 we launched a new branch of PW Communications dedicated specifically to writing resumes and personnel sections: PW Communications Resume Solutions (PWC RS). PWC RS consists of a team of experts highly skilled in writing resumes for proposals. This team is designed to relieve proposal managers and staff from the burden of developing resumes, allowing them to focus on other critical components of the proposal.   

The specialized capabilities that we offer include the following: 

  • We provide a dedicated single point of contact with this team to facilitate ease of communications and ensure oversight of content and budget requirements.

  • We develop compliant resume templates for easy scoring by government evaluators.

  • Regardless of the complexity of the statement of work, the team writes resumes that comply with rigorous RFP requirements, including those for complex labor categories.

  • Our writers have extensive experience interviewing proposed personnel for relevant information to address RFP requirements and, most importantly, demonstrate the specialized experience required to support the overall staffing strategy, as well as the proposed technical and management sections.

  • PWC RS is very experienced in writing concise, compliant resumes to meet strict page limits.

  • Our proven process allows the team to work remotely across multiple time zones to respond cost-effectively to high-volume resume needs in surge situations and/or under tight time constraints. Utilizing this efficient process for one client, this team of writers has supported more than 50 proposals annually. Many of our writers have each written 1,000 resumes over the past 5 years.

  • We have the expertise and capability to adjust to your specific procedural and operational needs and requirements.